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Goes Down Easy

The Guilty (P.I. Jack Marconi) - Vincent Zandri

I've read other works by Vincent Zandri and enjoyed them, but this was my first Marconi novel. Wow. Marconi (Keeper) must solve the case of a young woman who's been conked on the head and left without memory on the premises of her perverse (and perverted) fiance. Enter Marconi and his trusty sidekick, Blood. These guys are cool in the face both of Albany corruption and flying bullets. And I love their back stories -- Marconi the former prison warden, Blood the former (or maybe not-so-former) drug dealer.

Zandri is a hard-boiled pro, and this book goes down as easy as a planter's punch on a hot afternoon.

Disclosure: I was provided this book at no cost and Zandri has blurbed a book of mine, but there was no quid pro quo or promise of a positive review.

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